What happens when you try to video mountain biking using your phone?

This is just a fun post of some video I filmed last week while mountain biking in my hometown of Modi’in. This trail is on a hill behind a major highway. There are a few things I’d like to point out about the video.

I filmed it using an iPhone 4S mounted very securely to my bike using a machined aluminum Rokform bike mount that screws into the steering tube. The mount and the phone do not move at all. The blurry parts and wavy video that makes it look like I’m on an acid trip must have something to do with the CMOS sensor in the camera. A GoPro this is not. I don’t know how current iPhones perform with extreme video situations like this, but I hope they’re better.

The stabilization correction is done using software called Elasty. It normally would remove the black edges, making the video rectangular as it was originally (losing some of the edges), but I think the rotating box is more dramatic and gives you a better sense of what the stabilization software is doing. Youtube added the extra black space on the left and right sides of the video, I guess everything they do needs to fit into their box.

That’s it, just a bit of pre-weekend fun.

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